Log Cabins


The One Project was formed in 2010 to develop and promote projects by the community for the people, including those that aim to eliminate poverty, hunger and social inequality.

Reiki is a holistic technique to help deliver that vision, and also to help change our world - through personal learning and growth, community learning and healing, and a step-by-step social and economic regeneration, unlimited for all those who truly seek it.

The One Project Retreat is the first of its' kind, in collaboration with benevolent community sponsors, to help change people's lives and provide a basis for that healing, learning and growth. The sense of belonging is based on a universal and economic welbeing - exluding no-one, including everyone.

Our practical philosphy is based on three books, with the guiding values, and principles, of Collaboration, Constructiveness and Benevolence. These books can be found at www.110011.org.

Welcome to transformation; welcome to The One Project.


To help make your learning experience both a personal and collective one, we deliver our Reiki courses based on the teachings of both the Japanese Master, Mikao Usui, and the morality of The One Project Foundation. However, we also need to offer a personally memorable experience, because remembering something good helps us to re-use and re-create that experience with repeatable results.

The uplifting outcome is both a personal and collective development, which is acheived by accommodating overnight stays and courses in the same location, within the same community, and immersed in the whole atmosphere and collective ethos. Both off-grid and back to nature, that experience brings you back to balance, harmony and peace, preparing you and helping you to contribute your own knowledge, skills and experience to the world knowing that you are supported and brought together within a like-minded community in search of the same moral truth.

It is a promised world learning, growth and love,

of collaboration, constructiveness and benevolence.


All our cabins are comfortably furnished and decorated to make you feel relaxed your whole stay.

They are also fully insulated for use in both summer and winter, only using solar for energy.


The retreat amenities, including the cabins and the Reiki courses, are next to a lake, which can be used for boating, swimming and fishing. Other retreat amenities include:

  • Reiki sharing room
  • Shower and toilet facilities
  • Camp site 10 amp mains electricity hook-up
  • Ample free parking


An historic seaside town is only a 10 minute drive away, with all of its' shops and entertainment facilities, including shoreside lake and pier.

If you don't want to drive, regular bus services operate nearby. Also nearby, and for a quieter experience, you can also plan to visit:

  • RSPB's latest nature and bird reserve
  • Woods
  • Coastline
  • Wetland Centre.

Maybe extend your stay for a night or two.