The Reiki Courses

REIKI 1 - The beginning of your Reiki journey 

Get revved up, because although you don't know it yet, this is going to be the ride of your life! This could be the beginning of your LIFE PATH. Anything could happen, but it is ALL GOOD, because this is where The Universe is going to focus on YOU. You will learn so much about yourself that you could be amazed at your own natural and innate abilities! Many Reiki Master teachers give gentle introductions, but as this is for the special you, there is little chance of that, and definitely in a very good way! If you have found this page, this could be the sign you were looking for. Prepare for a new you, a new life, and a brand new way of life.

Prepare to be re-energised. Prepare for the effect, impact and experience of REIKI.


Not only will you meet many good and like-minded people, but you will also open up to an innate gift already within you. You will become aware of things that maybe you had never imagined. You will also develop your innate gift as a HEALER.

Reiki is a healing modality that anyone can do with the right moral approach and the correct training. This may not happen immediately or overnight, but give it time. Because the nature of space and time may different to how you might have first imagined, you could move forwards in leaps and bounds on both your spiritual and practical journeys. - your life journey.

The courses will be sometimes challenging, but always rewarding. Your Reiki Master will guide and attune you naturally onto and through your journey. They are a trained Master and adept in travelling this journey before you, and therefore to become a destined guide and servant of you on yours.  

REIKI 2 - Your journey to becoming a Reiki Practitioner

Did you ever have a calling? Did you ever find your vocation, your life path?

A Reiki Practictitioner is a REIKI PROFESSIONAL.

Many who work in the NHS are Reiki Practitioners. They chose to add this this to their range of healing techniques, for example as a physiotherapist or as a psychotherpist, because Reiki complements all other types of healing.

Reiki works by using the essential dynamic of the whole Universe - ENERGY.

Literally, everything in The Universe is made of energy, and Reiki literally means, in Japanese, Universal (Rei) Energy (Ki). This is not new knowledge, because it is also known as "Chi" in China or "Prana" in India ("Life Force" or "Breath"), "Inspiration" ("in-spiro" in Latin, "I breath in") and "Chi-Rho" ("The Key to The Gate" in Accient Greek, or The "Christogram") in Christianity. If this resonates with you, take this as a sign that you are on your journey into the 5th Dimension of consciousness, and therefore onto a journey of service and inspiration, into the 6th Dimension of consciousness, and so on to 7th Heaven :-)


A Usui Reiki 2 qualified Reiki Practitioner is qualified, with the person's permission, to heal anyone, anywhere, even remotely on the other side of the world.

Reiki can also be used to heal your pets and any other animals, basically to help heal any sentient being.

The highest calling, and therefore the highest service, is to be of service to another. Service based on giving is love, therefore service is its' own reward.

If this resonates, nothing more needs to be said; and if it doesn't, it will after your Reiki training.


Life IS adventure. It means to venture out, to learn and grow, to BECOME


Are you ready for the next chapter?